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No matter whether you decide on one of our very reasonable standard models or on an individual, object-specific special construction - a staircase by TreppenArt will surely belong to the most beautiful structural elements in your house constituting the decorative centre of attraction of a high-level living standard.

After a close co-operation with you and your architects during the planning phase your staircase is projected according to your and our blueprints. Then it is produced by the most modern CNC technology ensuring high precision and excellent dimensional accuracy.

We exclusively produce according to our severe quality regulations following ISO 9001. This way we guarantee a perfect processing quality – and last but not least an optimum safety. To ensure a perfect fitting-precision all staircases are completely pre-assembled in our plant before the surface treatment. It’s only then that they are disassembled and packed. You can rely on our very efficient order processing, too. Your staircase will be mounted only 3 weeks after the release.
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